More time. More peace of mind. More ideas. More growth.

Accounting & virtual CFO services for ambitious hospitality and service-based SMEs

Whether it’s tax and compliance worries, staffing issues, lack of a coherent plan for growth, or something else; there are many battles that keep small and medium business owners awake at night.

But they can be won with the right advice. After taking our complimentary business review, you’ll have a clearer idea of what needs to be done, how, and when.

AccountOnMe will help you identify the areas to work on that will bring about the most powerful improvements and create solid foundations for growth. This means:

More peace of mind through compliance
More time by streamlining processes
More ideas in the non-financial areas of your business
More growth through better decision-making

As well as the accounting side of things, our packages cater for the type of planning, regular reporting and commentary on your business results that you’d expect from a virtual CFO…but without paying the whopping salary!

Take a browse and see what’s right for you…

  • You have a bookkeeper and are generally happy with the way your business operates.
  • You’d like regular business reporting, business reviews, an updated business plan and access to advice and support.
  • Compliance – Annual Financial Statements, GST, tax returns & management, IRD liaison.
  • Quarterly business performance reports – Management accounts including Actual Budget, Forecast, Cashflow, and KPIs.
  • Half-yearly meet ups – business performance, annual accounts, and business plan reviews (in-person or virtual).
  • Annual Business plan – for year ahead (optional, but recommended)
  • Advice and support – via phone or email.
  • You’re looking to streamline your processes – particularly with the use of smarter technology.
  • You need more regular management information and reviews to ensure your main business targets are met.
  • An annual systems & procedures review – to maximise efficiency and ensure you’ve got technology working for you (including Xero cloud-based accounting).
  • Annual Business plan – including meeting to discuss year ahead
  • Bi-monthly business performance reports – Management accounts including Actual v Budget, Forecast, Cashflow and KPIs.
  • Quarterly meet ups – for reviewing business performance and the accounts, and maintaining accountability.
  • Compliance, advice & support – as per the Business Starter package.
BUSINESS GROWTH(Virtual CFO package)
  • You’re looking to actively grow your business and are prepared to take the necessary steps to make it happen
  • You’d also like to streamline your business, reviewing business processes and using timely management information to encourage action and lift performance.
  • Bi-monthly or monthly meet ups – business reviews to ensure accountability and optimal performance across the key areas of your business.
  • Monthly business performance reporting – as per the Business Plus package, with increased analysis on areas to improve and to develop
  • Unlimited advice and support – via phone or email.
  • Compliance – as per the Business Starter & Business Plus packages.
  • An annual systems & procedures review and Business plan– as per Business Plus package.
NOTE: Don’t have a bookkeeper? Add on payroll and bookkeeping at competitive rates with any of the above packages.


I don’t work in estimates. I want you to know exactly what you’ll be paying and when. You’ll receive a full breakdown of suggested services and pricing after taking your free business review …only then will we know what to include so that you have a real idea of costs.

Your proposal will include an annual fee broken down into monthly instalments: great for your cash flow and planning.

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